• How To Apply


    To apply for any role listed supply a single pdf document as an attachment to barakatlondon@barakatgallery.com.
    Please use CANDIDATE [ROLE TITLE] as your subject line. Your document must include:

    • A cover page with your name, date of application, role(s) you wish to be considered for, your current salary, expected salary, and notice period.

      • You can choose to use this space to volunteer your date of birth, gender identity (and preferred pronoun), nationality and VISA status where relevant.

    • A 2 page, plain formatted, CV outlining, in bullet points previous education (including grades), roles, as well as links to any relevant previous publications, exhibitions, artworks etc

    • A 1 page, plain formatted, cover letter addressing your suitability to the role you are interested in applying to with reference to your previous roles and experience.

    • No more than 150 words about any artwork you love and why.

    • No more than 150 words about any gallery [not us] you are passionate about and why.

    • No more than 150 words about an artwork you detest and why.

    Please note:

    • Due to the high-security nature of our business we will conduct background checks and research on shortlisted applicants.

    • Shortlisted applicants will also be required to provide at least 3 referees of standing. It would be easiest if these are supplied with the application.

    • Due to the volume of applications we will not be unable to provide tailored feedback for individual applications.

    If you have not heard from us within 2 weeks please assume your application has been unsuccessful


    £30 - 35K + Modest Commission (Gross)

    We are looking for an organised, forthrightly interdisciplinary, tenacious and intellectually exceptional Associate Director. The person must be an art operations professional and able to work administratively at the highest level. This associate will play a core role supporting the business at a pivotal moment.


    This is a role which may be best suited to an exceptional, young and driven art professional who is up for the challenge of a lifetime. It could also suit a seasoned operations specialist who is looking for something more holistic. The candidate will be based in Mayfair and will be expected to work in concert with the existing associate director to radically re-cohere, reignite, and in many respects reimagine, a business and sector that has operated relatively unchanged for over 5 generations.

    The ideal candidate must be prepared to leave their preconceptions at the door, be ready to learn a lot very quickly, be able to deal with frustration effectively, and be able to work pragmatically within a small team to redevelop the business. This is the experience of a lifetime - as you will be intimately involved with every aspect of a leading art business whilst simultaneously working to invent, implement and drive a rejuvenated strategic direction.

    • Any applicant must have a number of years of tangible experience at the top tier of the Artworld.

      • Preference will be given to those who have clear art business management experience as you will be filling the core operations role.

      • You must be comfortable in one on one sale situations and not fussed with confidently and non-prejudicially dealing with any and all guests irrespective of wealth, race, sexual orientation or social status.

      • Experience with complex art logistics including with shipping high value archaeological material is highly desired.

      • Experience with ArtLogic database is preferred.

      • Fluency with the standard suite of computer programs and a high-degree to technical literacy (Adobe Suite, GMAIL, MS Suite) etc is expected.

    • You should have exceptional academic qualifications. A first class post-graduate degree from a leading university is almost certainly a must.

    • Personality fit is key. You have to be brave, cool under pressure and fun to be around.


    £25 - 30K (can be pro-rata to a minimum c. 2.5 Days a week)


    Working beneath the two full-time Associate Directors the associates will provide critical research, curatorial and operational support to the London team as well as the gallery ownership. The candidates will be expected to diligently work across the board as the team works to reimagine and rejuvenate, a business that has operated relatively unchanged for over 5 generations.

    This is a role which offers both a steady, secure, pay check as well as a wealth of experience. It would be perfect for a competent and professional recent post-graduate or a more experienced current postgraduate/doctoral candidate. Whoever fills the role must be serious about building a meaningful career at the top end of the Artworld. As the business and team become more firmly established and structured in London there is room for internal progression and full-time loading. Any incoming candidate must have a demonstrable critical awareness of key discourses within contemporary and Ancient art sectors as well as clearly exceptional academic qualifications.


    • Any applicant must have some tangible experience at working in the Artworld.

    • Confidence with art handling and installation is a plus as the London team has a DIY ethos.

    • You must have peerless academic qualifications. Research and learning is a big part of what we will be doing.

      • A 1st class Masters degree, or equivalent, from a world class university in a programme with a strong cultural emphasis is the minimum. Undergraduate Art History degrees, Archaeology degrees are preferred but not exclusive.

    • Fluency in Korean, Chinese, Arabic, or French would be useful but is not essential.




    We are looking for a dedicated, pragmatic, intelligent and organised Executive Assistant. The role will be based in London but some travel may be required. The candidate will provide a full range of high level personal, administrative and secretarial support to the owners including dairy management, technical support and travel arrangements.  


    A high degree standard, keen cultural awareness and discretion is essential for this role.

    The EA will meditate interactions between the owners, their staff and other key stakeholders. This person will predominantly work from the gallery to manage the owners day to day personal needs and coordinate business and travel schedules. They will be a cohering force who will ensure efficient and smooth experiences for the owners and their business. They will also work closely with the galleries associate directors to ensure that all personal expenses are adequately accounted for and kept within reasonable limits.

    The ideal candidate will have previous experience in a similar role and a good knowledge of the art market. Fluency in Korean, Arabic or French would be advantageous but is not essential as both owners speak English.



    We are looking for a dedicated, pragmatic, intelligent, organised and driven artist manager. Based predominantly in London this person will manage and advocate an increasingly hyper-prolific personal artistic practice of a unique outsider artist.


    This role will also include ensuring that the websites are maintained, catalogues are produced, worked is stored, studio is stock etc. They will also be responsible for cultivating new leads and helping to cohere the public proposition of the practice.


    The successful candidate will also act  as a gatekeeper - they will be responsible for managing appointments for artist's creative diary, ordering materials, venues etc. as required. They will also act as a buffer between the gallery staff and artist (and vice-versa). It will be up to this manager to drive the structure of the artists profile raising, and insulate gallery staff from what are often sporadic and un-strategically beneficial work demands.


    The successful candidate will have a proven ability to forge industry connections and experience in strategically building artist profiles. They will be great at conceiving of, executing, and promoting projects. They must be very confident in dealing with and managing the expectations of a passionate and spontaneous personality type. They must be able to responsibly filter and triage expectations whilst still allowing the artist the sense of empowerment which is key to their productivity.