Art in Context – Excavating Cities of the Holy Land: Los Angeles

February 7, 2018

The first installment in a new series of discussions and lectures investigating art in context. Through these ongoing presentations we will host a variety of specialists in their given fields and aim to provide a greater understanding of not only the cultures that produced these works but also insight into the surrounding political, socio-economic, and historical conditions which led to their creation. In the process we hope to foster not only a greater appreciation of the objects themselves but also our collective history and best of what humanity can accomplish.

Wednesday February 7th, 2018

Join us for an illustrated talk by archaeologist and historian Titus Kennedy – the new breed of archaeologist. Dr. Kennedy is a proponent of experimental archaeology, consults on media and curricula, and teaches as an adjunct professor. His fieldwork includes archaeological excavations of ancient towns and surveys at numerous sites in the Middle East and the Americas. His work is steeped in artifact research from the Bronze Age through the Roman period and his interests lie in ancient demography and sites related to the Bible. 

In this dynamic presentation Dr. Kennedy will touch on recent excavations and fieldwork using items from the Barakat Collection to provide real life context for his work.

Wednesday February 7th, 2018
6pm – 8pm 

Lecture begins at 6:30 with time before and after for questions and refreshments.