Expressions of Serenity




Our upbringing, the places where we grow up and from which we derive our physical and intellectual identity, deeply shape the men and women we become. Growing up in Jerusalem, cradle of all civilisations and sacred place to the three monotheistic religions, and attending a Jesuit school myself, I have always been interested in religions of the world. In particular, a statement from Confucius, which emphasises the importance of treating others how you would want to be treated, was meaningful for my personal discovery of religious thought.


This is a teaching that resonates in many religions and philosophies and I have found it also in Buddhist teachings. I am a Buddhist myself at heart, and since this enlightenment I have wanted to collect the best Buddha images from all around the world because of the serenity they inspire. Meditating in front of them spurred me to study more in-dept the level of serenity and wisdom that can be attained in human expressions.


When we study expressions of the phases of Buddha we see a paradigm of human life. Buddha goes through different phases in his life and these are expressed in his facial changes which highlight human expressions and the idea of the sublime. Expressions of enlightenment and entering Nirvana are carved in the masterpieces I have collected and which are proposed to you in this catalogue.

Fayez Barakat