The Glory of the Classical World: Ancient Greek & Roman Art Collection: Seoul

Barakat Seoul presents The Glory of the Classical World: Ancient Greek & Roman Art Collection, an exhibition of artwork from ancient Greece and Rome. Considered to represent the eternal canon of Western civilization, ancient Greece and Rome laid the groundwork for Western culture in many ways, with an influence on concept and methods of creation that continues to this day. A pivotal role in establishing Greece and Rome as cultural ideals was played by the art they left behind. In basic terms, their art embodies images from mythology. A fusion of the ancient Greeks’ and Romans’ religion and history, wisdom and emotion, philosophy and aesthetics, Greek and Roman mythology manifested in the architecture of shrines reflecting the glory of their deities and sculptures depicting idealized human forms, incorporating the unseen world of the gods into the visible history of humankind.

The realm of the deities and the world of human beings intersect repeatedly in ancient Greek and Roman art. With The Glory of the Classical World: Ancient Greek & Roman Art Collection, Barakat Seoul is offering a special opportunity to look back on these forms of artistic expression combining mythology and history, while seeing how the different stories within mythology were taken and consumed by people in those times. The collection of ancient Greek and Roman art shown in this exhibition includes statues of divine beings that offer a glimpse at the outstanding sculptural styles of classical Greece and the Hellenistic period; a fresco representing a parade of a goddess, human being, and animals in vibrant colors; splendid and elaborate mosaics from the Roman era; and sarcophagus reliefs showing Eros, the god of love (Cupid in Roman mythology). We look forward to this exhibition sharing an experience of superior art infused with the graceful world of the gods and goddesses and the grand narratives portrayed by humankind.