Closer: London

Today we are more connected than ever before but are we any closer?

Despite (or perhaps because of) the dense networking of our society, many still feel lonely and isolated, and finding meaningful relationships in real life, not only online, is perhaps more of a challenge than in previous generations. Given this context, the exhibition aims to look beyond simply being in contact with others and ask what it can mean to be ‘close’ to someone else.

Curated entirely from the extensive Barakat Collection the exhibition unites unique and extraordinary objects spread across 8,000 years of human history and celebrates the diverse ways humans come together; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

‘Closer’ reflects a fresh approach to this fifth-generation, 130-year-old, family business famed for its collection of ancient art. This year, the London headquarters of Barakat will relaunch with an aim of welcoming new and existing audiences through a programme of exhibitions that explores different themes in its vast collection.  Driven by a new, young team who are in the process of renovating the London gallery, Barakat seeks to encourage viewers to literally come closer to the gallery and to ask questions. Barakat’s motto – ‘mirror of all ages and cultures’ – expresses its ongoing hope that work from Classical Antiquity, Asia, Oceania, the Near East, Africa, and Pre-Columbian civilisations can inspire viewers to consider what brings us together, more than what keeps us apart.



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